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About this Event

Crisis communications and reputation management have gained prominence over the last 12 months as 2020 has been a year where businesses have faced continual challenges.

These have had a direct impact on their overall resilience and unfortunately, in some cases, difficult decisions have had to be made about the viability of the operation. In parallel, we have seen an exponential rise in cyber security attacks on businesses, with the NCSC detailing in its recent annual report that one quarter of cyber attacks have been Covid-19 related.

The matters at hand are naturally extremely sensitive and require special care when communicating to both internal and external stakeholders. This two-hour reputation management training session will cover the following topics:

  • What is reputation management and how should company’s approach it?
  • What is crisis communications and how does it differ from reputation management?
  • What can a senior business leaders, including your board, do in advance to prepare for and manage a crisis?
  • The crisis plan: what is it and what should it include?
  • The role of the CXOs, senior management, and the board during a crisis
  • The importance of clear communications programme in a crisis
  • The role of the media during a crisis and what they want
  • How to mitigate a crisis in the future

Organised by Scottish Business Resilience Centre and Scottish Government with delivery from Clark Communications.

10:00 am