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About the programme

In today’s landscape of escalating cyber crime, mitigating cyber risk is not the Chief Information Security Officer’s responsibility alone — it is everyone’s job.

Getting ahead of hackers and other security risks requires the active engagement of non-technical management, as well as an overall commitment to building a cyber security culture within your organisation.

This programme provides CEOs, Directors and Non-Executive Directors with frameworks and best practices for managing cyber security-related risk, separate from the specialised IT infrastructure typically associated with this topic. Course content includes lectures, highly interactive discussions, and case studies related to:

  • Cyber Security awareness
  • Non-tech leader’s role in cyber security management
  • Actionable ideas to increase your organisation’s cyber resilience.
  • Measuring your organisation’s cyber-safety level- and how this changes over time
  • How to speak the language of cyber security to enable informed conversations with your technology teams and colleagues, and ensure your organisation is as cyber secure as possible
  • Legal Advice and guidance on cyber attacks
  • What is in your cyber incident response plan

Eddie Hawthorne, Managing Director of Arnold Clark will be a guest speaker. Attendees can expect a thoughtful and informative session as Eddie shares his insights and experiences, including how he guided the company through their cyber crisis and the aftermath, while also ensuring resilience in a competitive market.

Our next open Cyber Executive Education Sessions are:

  • 12th September-Edinburgh
  • 24th September-Belfast

For more details on the modules click here.


Executive Education Registration

This course will take place over 1 day and will include the Cyber Executive Education Dinner on the evening of day 1. The fee for this course including the dinner is £1300 (plus VAT).

The in-person element of the Cyber Executive Education Programme is vital to increase active engagement from attendees and make it easier for them to schedule. The course is for CEO or Public Sector equivalent Board Members. The Cyber Education Dinner will bring about a unique networking platform for senior leaders from all over Scotland to meet and discuss cyber-security among other things. Spaces are limited.

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