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Our Vision


Our Vision

The Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland is an employee-first organisation that exists to ensure Scottish organisations are as resilient as they can be against cyber and fraud crime. In the eventuality of a cyber or fraud attack, the centre and its partners can support organisations through it and help resume operations.

It is our intention that every Scottish organisation have the skills and knowledge to protect themselves against online attacks. We achieve this through delivering education and preventative training, as well as actively raising awareness of threats throughout the business community.
How We Can Help

Our Focus

How we can help you



Increasing communication and collaboration through our unique connection with Police Scotland, Scottish Government, and the Scottish business community.



Building the next generation of cyber and fraud specialists and further developing on and offline resilience training for the business community.

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We provide relevant help and advice to our growing membership and community base across Scotland at a time they need it most.

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