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Penetration Testing to Unearth and Address Security Gaps

Penetration testing (pen testing) goes a step further than a vulnerability assessment by attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities in a controlled environment. This process simulates an actual cyber attack on the system to understand the effectiveness of existing security measures and to identify any potential breaches. While vulnerability assessments provide a broad overview of the security health of a system, pen tests actively probe for weaknesses and attempt to breach them, offering a more in-depth analysis of security flaws.

Pen tests are often required by audits and compliance checks to ensure that an organisation meets specific security standards. Both vulnerability assessments and pen tests carried out by the Cyber and Fraud Centre are conducted on the client’s site by NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) accredited ethical hackers. These professionals use their expertise to safely identify and exploit vulnerabilities, thereby helping organisations strengthen their defences against malicious attacks.

If required, we can also provide CREST Accredited penetration services.

Penetration Testing - Cyber and Fraud Centre


Each test conducted will result in a comprehensive report with the following key sections:

Executive Summary

This section provides a broad outline of the conducted test, along with a non-technical summary of the outcomes and the potential risks they pose to your organisation.


Details the specific tests carried out, employing technical terminology suited for the IT experts within the organisation.

Findings and Results

Offers a comprehensive list of the test outcomes, categorising the severity of discovered vulnerabilities, documenting steps to replicate the findings, and suggesting measures for mitigation or resolution of these vulnerabilities.

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