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Enhance Your Cyber Security Posture with Professional Services

Our affordable cyber security services offer a robust solution for safeguarding your business. Specialising in threat assessment, enhanced security management, and incident response, we equip your organisation with increased cyber defence capabilities.

Leverage our expert team’s knowledge in cyber protection to improve your defences, understand emerging threats, pinpoint IT vulnerabilities, and reinforce your network’s security against cyber attacks.

Scottish Business Resilience Centre

Explore Our Cyber Security Services for Comprehensive Protection

Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland - Cyber Advance

Cyber Advance

Cyber Advance is an affordable yearly service combining training, strategy advice, incident response and cyber security management to assist organisations in safeguarding digital assets and minimising cyber attack risks. 

Cyber services

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Just as it is essential to conduct an external security assessment to safeguard the network’s external perimeter and defences, assessing the security of web applications is crucial to ensure that data managed through online services is processed securely.

Penetration Testing - Cyber and Fraud Centre

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (pen testing) goes a step further than a vulnerability assessment by attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities in a controlled environment. This process simulates an actual cyber attack on the system to understand the effectiveness of existing security measures and to identify any potential breaches.

Cyber services

Cyber Exercising

A cyber exercise is instrumental in pinpointing weaknesses within the cyber elements of your organisation’s existing business continuity strategy, encompassing emergency response strategies, disaster recovery plans, and the verification of backup integrity.

Cyber services

Phishing Resilience Exercise

To prepare for phishing attacks, employing a Phishing Resilience Exercise can be effective. This involves simulating a phishing attack by dispatching customised emails to chosen employees to evaluate their reaction and awareness.


Custom Cyber Presentations

A series of tailored cyber awareness presentations designed and delivered by ethical hackers to help your employees understand the importance of cyber security and how to protect your organisation from cyber threats.

Case Studies

Our cyber security team has provided a range of services across multiple sectors, enhancing the resilience of organisations against the growing threats in the digital landscape.

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Free Cyber Services

Exercise in a box

Exercise in a Box

This tool provides exercises based around the main cyber threats which your organisation can do in your own time, in a safe environment, as many times as you want!

Cyber essentials

Incident Response

Our free helpline will support organisations who have fallen victim to a cyber or fraud attack and, if so, provide expert guidance to help them resume operations.

Cyber services

CISP and Cyber Essentials

CISP – Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership is a joint industry and government scheme based in the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) designed to deliver situational awareness to its members and encourage the sharing of information on cyber risk.

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