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The Threat Intel App is designed to empower organisations with real-time cyber and fraud threat alerts and is engineered to enhance cyber resilience by notifying users of potential threats with varying levels of severity. It offers a unique feature that allows for the customization of alerts tailored to specific sectors, including the private, public, third sectors, and academia, ensuring relevant and targeted information for each user. This advanced tool aggregates threat intelligence from multiple sources into a single, easy-to-navigate platform, making it simpler for organisations to stay informed and react promptly to potential cyber threats.

Key features include three levels of threat severity to help prioritise responses, sector-specific alerts for personalised threat intelligence, and access to the Centre’s Incident Response Helpline for immediate assistance and support post-cyber-attack.

To learn more about utilizing the Threat Intel App, please view our instructions available here.

If you have any enquiries or technical issues, please send your details through the form below: