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Online shopping scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with criminals exploiting trusted brands to defraud consumers. One prevalent scam currently popular on social media, involves fake websites purporting to sell Skechers shoes at steeply discounted prices.  

How the scam works 

The fake Skechers website scam typically starts with enticing adverts on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. These ads promote seemingly amazing discounts of 50% or more on genuine Skechers footwear, luring users to click through to a fraudulent e-commerce site. 

These websites are designed to mimic the look and feel of Skechers’ official online store, complete with branded logos, images of shoe styles, shopping cart functionality and checkout process. Prices are kept unrealistically low to attract buyers. Once a purchase is made and payment information entered, the fraudsters simply pocket the money and fail to deliver any product. 

In some cases, victims may receive cheap counterfeit knockoffs instead of authentic Skechers. These fakes are often of very poor quality made with substandard materials.  Occasionally, scammers send completely unrelated items or even used/defective shoes that in no way match what was ordered. 

Red Flags of Fake Sites 

While the scam websites can appear quite convincing, there are some key warning signs to watch out for: 

  • Prices that are too good to be true e.g. latest shoe styles for £20 
  • Poor grammar/spelling mistakes on the site. 
  • No physical address or contact details for the company provided. 
  • Domain name has been recently created, temporary/disposable looking or oddly long.   
  • No customer reviews or they seem obviously fake. 
  • Lack of working customer service numbers/emails 
  • Aggressive sales tactics and pushed “limited time” offers. 

It’s essential to thoroughly vet any unfamiliar website before making a purchase, especially if the prices seem unrealistically low. 

Protecting Yourself 

Advice to avoid falling victim to fake Skechers sites and similar online shopping scams: 

  • Only buy from authorised retailers via their official websites. 
  • Never click on social media ads for websites you don’t recognise. 
  • Verify the website’s domain registration, owner details and search for scam reports. 
  • Use a credit card for purchases to enable easier chargeback capability. 
  • Be very wary of deeply discounted prices on branded goods. 
  • Check for a physical address, working customer support channels, and online reviews. 
  • Trust your instincts – if a site seems dubious, don’t proceed. 

Steps for Victims 

If you’ve already made a purchase from a fraudulent Skechers or e-commerce sellers’ site, immediately: 

  • Contact your bank/credit card issuer to report the fraud and request a chargeback. 
  • Report the scam website to National Cyber Security Centre via this site
  • Monitor credit reports and financial accounts closely for any misuse of your information. 
  • Change any potentially compromised passwords and enable multi-factor authentication. 
  • Leave negative reviews and details about your experience to warn others. 

While online shopping scams are a regrettable reality, being an informed consumer and exercising vigilance goes a long way in avoiding falling prey. Legitimate deals from authorised retailers are great, but if a site seems in the least bit shady, and an offer appears too good to be true, it likely is a scam to avoid.