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Helping businesses navigate through Covid-19

Scottish Business Cares (SBC) was formed as a goodwill collective in response to the Covid-19 crisis, delivered by the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government, and supported by in-kind partners Par Equity, Taranata Group, Droman Solutions, Clark Communications and Anderson, Anderson & Brown LLP.

The focus of the collective was to provide agile guidance, navigation and support around the practical and legal issues facing businesses and offer focused mentoring pre- and post-Covid-19.

Above all is a guiding principle of sharing information and experiences to ensure that no Scottish business fails because of lack of knowledge and support.


How we did this



Throughout 2020 Scottish Business Cares hosted a series of 60 minute webinars to provide a chance for attendees to understand and ask questions about topics to help businesses prepare to survive during, and post, Covid-19.

Many industry experts in various fields were invited as guest speakers on the webinars to share their knowledge and guidance with participants.



Dissemination of timely advice via our social media accounts, including a dedicated LinkedIn Covid-19 updates group, was vital to ensuring SMEs had information about the latest funding and advice available from trusted sources.

During the height of the pandemic, we circulated a daily Covid-19 email newsletter, for the latest information and guidance needed for the business community.



SBC is offered a 1-2-1 mentoring service for organisations who needed immediate support in overcoming challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Each participant received a total of seven hours of mentoring from a business leader with knowledge and experience relevant to their specific situation. Mentors were drawn from a variety of industries including entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

SBC webinars

The Scottish Business Cares 60 minute webinars provided an opportunity for attendees to understand and ask questions about topics to help businesses prepare to survive during, and post, Covid-19.

All of the webinars are now available to watch over on the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland YouTube channel. Below are a handful of the various topics we covered.

Cyber and Fraud Centre YouTube Channel

Building your business development


Protecting Scotland from a cyber attack

Competitor positioning

A Board is not just for Christmas


Keith Wilson

For small businesses it can be very hard to get good advice, for lots of different reasons. You made a big difference to me and my business today by offering the advice you did. You will be very busy I am sure, but what you have done today really was over and above the call of duty and I wanted to make sure you know what a difference advice like yours means to me and I am sure many in the small business community.

Keith Wilson

Anon 1

The webinars have been excellent. The content, presenters and interesting and relevant information has been really worthwhile. I have learned a lot, and look forward to further engagement via the Cyber and Fraud Centre. Many thanks. Greatly appreciated.


Anon 2

In my opinion, by far the most relevant and informative webinars out there; thanks to Jude and the team for identifying the requirement for up-to-the-minute, applicable and engaging content.



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The Scottish Business Cares Advisory Board includes Paul Atkinson (Par Equity), Jude McCorry (Cyber and Fraud Centre), Graeme Gordon (IFB), Lyn Calder (AAB), Belinda Roberts (WeDO Scotland), Simone Lockhart (Taranata Group) and Alistair Forbes.