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In an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, credit unions face unique cyber security challenges. With their reputation for personal customer service and community trust, it is paramount that credit unions also lead in protecting their members’ financial and personal information. “Cyber Resilience for Credit Unions” is a comprehensive webinar designed to empower credit unions with the knowledge and tools necessary to bolster their cyber defences and ensure the integrity of their operations.

This webinar will cover:

• Understanding the Threat Landscape: An overview of the current cyber threat environment, with a focus on vulnerabilities specific to credit unions and the financial sector.
• Cost-effective cyber security: We’ll delve into cost-effective strategies for preventing cyber attacks, like implementing password policies, regular staff awareness training and regularly backing up data.
• Incident Response Planning: Guidance on developing and refining incident response plans to ensure quick recovery and minimal impact in the event of a cyber breach.
• Educating Members and Staff: Strategies for raising awareness and educating both members and staff on their roles in maintaining cyber security, including recognising phishing attempts and safeguarding personal information.

11:30 am