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LockBit is a notorious ransomware scheme that has been targeting thousands of organisations since 2019, using encryption and stolen data as leverage to extort money from victims. But a recent NCA-led international law enforcement operation has disrupted its criminal activities, possibly for good. However, the threat is not over yet, as the hacker groups that collaborate with LockBit, known as Affiliates, are still active and dangerous.

In this session, we’ll provide a summary of the Lockbit takedown operation, and you will learn about the key tactics of the Affiliates, based on the analysis of 22 LockBit incidents by Secureworks® incident responders, and how to protect your network from their attacks.

Hosted by Jude McCorry (CEO, Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland), she will be joined by guest speakers:

  • Rafe Pilling – Director of Threat Intelligence, Secureworks
  • Don Smith – Vice President Threat Research, Secureworks
10:00 am