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  • Retailers are being made aware of a potential PayPoint scam.

SBRC has been made aware of a possible scam related to mobile phone top ups.

A call was reported to have been received at a small retailer and the caller identified themselves as an employee of PayPoint, they then advised the shop assistant that there was an issue with the till.

The caller then requested the employee to issue a mobile phone top up and to pass them the validation code. Once completed the caller stated they would send a rejected code so there would be no loss. 

The employee did as was requested, however no rejection code was received.

The caller then said there must still be an issue and requested that the employee carried out the same action again.  The employee, suspecting this may be a scam, hung up and reported the matter to the police.

Retailers are being advised to stay vigilant and if they have suspicions following unexpected phone calls, to confirm this with their provider directly on a number they know to be true.

Any incidents should be reported to Police Scotland on 101.