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The Scottish Cyber Security Network (SCSN) stands as a leading collective of top-tier cyber security organisations, officially endorsed by the Cyber and Fraud Centre. This alliance is central to Scotland’s strategy for defending its digital infrastructure, businesses, and public institutions against the constantly changing dangers of cyber attacks.

SCSN is dedicated to delivering extensive cyber resilience solutions aimed at defending Scottish organisations against cyber threats, improving their security measures, and providing an efficient and united response to security breaches. Our network includes premier cyber security firms known for their deep expertise, advanced technology, and strong performance in their fields. Together, we deliver a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by various organisations across Scotland.

Cyber essentials

Our Network Partners

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  • Arculus
  • Aspire Technology Solutions
  • BC Technologies
  • Closed Door Security
  • Consider IT
  • ForthTech
  • Grant Mcgregor
  • IFB
  • Lugo LTD
  • Network Roi
  • Quali-IT
  • Sapphire
  • SecuriGroup
  • Techforce
  • Tycom
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    Crest Accredited Pen Testing

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    Cyber Essentials Certification Body

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    Digital Forensics

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    Incident Response

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    IOT Cyber Security

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    Security Operations Centre