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With data security paramount, Street Soccer Scotland partnered with the Cyber and Fraud Centre’s Cyber Advance service to strengthen their cyber security.

Cyber Advance provided a comprehensive solution, including training, strategy guidance, incident response, and cyber security management expertise. The Centre’s team helped Street Soccer Scotland implement clear recommendations to safeguard their sensitive data.

Street Soccer Scotland gained invaluable support and practical steps to reinforce their data security through the Cyber and Fraud Centre’s Cyber Advance service.

The Story of Street Soccer Scotland

Street Soccer Scotland uses football to empower and support people facing a number of complex challenges. We do this by providing safe spaces to bring people together, structure for people in chaos, and positive relationships which build self-esteem. Alongside free, inclusive football, we provide personal development and enrichment opportunities to support people to move towards positive destinations.

With 1 in 4 Scots experiencing mental health issues in their lifetime, there has never been a greater need for action. Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Street Soccer players has never been more important, and having something to look forward to each week is a crucial part of this. Every individual needs a certain level of structure and routine, and with that comes discipline.

By providing players with a free game of football each week, Street Soccer can aid them on their journey to finding more structure within their personal lives. These positive changes can often lead to eradicating bad habits and influencing more positive choices.

Street Soccer Scotland recognised that they held very sensitive information and came to the Cyber and Fraud Centre for guidance on improving their cyber security posture and creating a more cyber-aware organisation. Street Soccer Scotland’s work is invaluable; ensuring any gaps in their cyber security were identified was of utmost importance.

The Challenge of Data Security Before Cyber Advance

Street Soccer Scotland provides critical services to disadvantaged groups across Scotland. Recognising the sensitive nature of the data they handle, they approached the Cyber and Fraud Centre for help strengthening their cyber security.

As a third-sector organisation, it was crucial for Street Soccer Scotland to identify and address any vulnerabilities in their systems. The Cyber and Fraud Centre conducted a thorough evaluation to uncover security gaps.

Leveraging the Centre’s cyber security expertise, Street Soccer Scotland implemented robust recommendations to safeguard their infrastructure and sensitive information. The Centre’s guidance equipped them to create a more cyber-aware organisation.

By Partnering with the Cyber and Fraud Centre, Street Soccer Scotland took vital steps to reinforce their cyber defences and secure sensitive data, enabling them to continue their invaluable community work.

Why Street Soccer Scotland Chose Cyber Advance

Street Soccer Scotland was aware that they hold sensitive data, which puts them at risk to cyber-attacks. Therefore, they were looking for a service that would help protect their organisation and their data. As a third-sector organisation, they are unable to spend a lot of money on technical expertise and services; therefore, they partnered with the Cyber and Fraud Centre. The Centre were able to provide a cost-effective service that matched their requirements.

When Street Soccer Scotland chose Cyber Advance, they received invaluable benefits, including access to an expert team with the expertise and skills to guide them through the proactive steps to strengthen their cyber security posture. Street Soccer Scotland also became part of the Cyber and Fraud Centre Community, which allowed them access to all the Centre’s resources as well as being notified of news and upcoming events before anyone else.

How Street Soccer Scotland Used Cyber Advance

Street Soccer Scotland had never undergone a vulnerability assessment previously. Therefore, it was crucial to conduct a vulnerability assessment. This assessment involves a systematic review of security weaknesses in an information system to evaluate if a system is susceptible to known vulnerabilities. The Centre conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify if there were any vulnerabilities present.

With the expertise and access to many resources, Street Soccer Scotland has been able to help protect their sensitive data and strengthen their cyber security posture.

The Results

As a result, Street Soccer Scotland has confidence that professionals have audited their IT and been provided with proactive recommendations to improve their security. They were appreciative that the recommendations made by the Centre were easy to understand and implement.

“The services provided by Cyber and Fraud Centre have been invaluable to us as an organisation. Due to the nature of the services we provide, the security of our data is of the utmost importance. The team were always on hand to help and answer any questions. The recommendations that they made were clear and concise to ensure that we were able to implement them quickly.

I would recommend that any third sector organisation needing to assess their cyber security use Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland.”


If you’re an SME or Charity interested in improving their cyber security, contact the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland about Cyber Advance. For more information, visit the website or download our Cyber Advance brochure