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In preparation for their ISO 27001 re-accreditation, Edinburgh Remakery partnered with the Cyber and Fraud Centre’s Cyber Advance service to provide valuable insights before their audit.

Cyber Advance provided a thorough solution, including training, strategy guidance, incident response, and cyber security management expertise. The Cyber and Fraud Centre’s team conducted a vulnerability test for Edinburgh Remakery to test their systems prior to their audit, which provided valuable insights into their systems and allowed them to pass their ISO 27001 re-accreditation.

The Story of Edinburgh Remakery

The Edinburgh Remakery is an award-winning environmental, social enterprise based in Edinburgh. Since 2012, their mission has been to put an end to waste by providing people and communities with the skills and opportunities to live more sustainably.

They engage with monthly community clubs to help those who have experienced social isolation and loneliness since the pandemic. These clubs bring people together to help them feel connected with their community while building their confidence and improving their mental health. Their Tech Gifting Project helps improve their digital access to those in need by giving free electronic devices to individuals and families who cannot afford them. Furthermore, they provide learning opportunities to help those facing barriers to employment and offer several free educational workshops that help individuals develop their skills.

As well as helping people and the community, The Edinburgh Remakery also implement ways to help the planet, such as tackling the growing issue of e-waste – diverting tech from landfill and repairing it for reuse and gifting.   Their Tech Disposal Service for Business ensured businesses could donate their old tech with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that the Remakery had the highest standard of information security.

The Challenge of Security Before Cyber Advance

The Edinburgh Remakery were aware that they required support and vulnerability testing to pass their audit. They approached the Cyber and Fraud Centre for help strengthening their cyber security and providing a service which would aid them in gaining their ISO 27001 re-accreditation. 

It was crucial for The Edinburgh Remakery to pass their re-accreditation, so partnering with the Cyber and Fraud Centre allowed the Centre to conduct a vulnerability assessment vital for their audit. Using the Centre’s expertise, The Edinburgh Remakery implemented robust recommendations to safeguard its infrastructure and improve its cyber security.

Passing their ISO 27001 re-accreditation, The Edinburgh Remakery can continue their important work with the community as well as for the environment. 

Why The Edinburgh Remakery Chose Cyber Advance

The Edinburgh Remakery chose Cyber Advance because they knew that as a third-sector organisation, they are a potential target for hackers. While they needed to ensure their cyber security measures were robust, they were unable to spend a large amount of money on technical expertise and services. Cyber Advance is cost-effective, and the Centre are transparent regarding where and how the money is being spent.

The ultimate reason for The Edinburgh Remakery choosing Cyber Advance was to improve their cyber security in preparation for an ISO 27001 audit. The Centre provided a vulnerability test as part of Cyber Advance, which was required for the audit, and several other benefits. Cyber Advance includes cyber awareness training essential for ensuring all stakeholders understand the importance of cyber security and access to the Cyber and Fraud Centre community of resources.

The Results

As a result of Cyber Advance, the Edinburgh Remakery took advice and guidance from the Cyber and Fraud Centre onboard and passed its ISO 27001 audit.

“During our preparation for ISO 27001 re-accreditation, we were incredibly grateful for the support we received from the team at the Cyber and Fraud Centre. They conducted a Penetration Test for our systems, providing valuable evidence for our audit. We passed our reaccreditation and want to send a huge thanks for the expert advice we received”. 


If you’re an SME or Charity interested in improving their cyber security, contact the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland about Cyber Advance. For more information, visit the website or download our Cyber Advance brochure.