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The security infrastructure and protection of sensitive data have become paramount concerns for SMEs and non-profits, particularly as they grow and expand their digital footprint. In the face of a multitude of malicious cyber threats, it’s crucial for organisations to not only have a solid cyber incident response plan but also to regularly test and refine it. One effective way to achieve this is through a Cyber Tabletop Exercise.

Understanding a Cyber Tabletop Exercise 

A cyber tabletop exercise is a strategic and interactive simulation designed to emulate a scenario with severe business impacts, mimicking what could occur in real life. Participants, representing various roles within the organisation, are prompted to respond to the simulated cyber incident as they would in an actual crisis. The subsequent review of their responses allows for the identification of any gaps in the existing cyber incident response plan.  

These exercises are organisation specific, highly interactive, and foster tangible cross-departmental collaboration and communication. Our tailored interactive exercises focus on specific aspects of cyber security, catering to the unique needs and challenges of each organisation.  

Benefits of a Cyber Tabletop Exercise: Building Cyber Resilience Brick by Brick 

  • Proactive clarification: allows employees to ask questions and clarify doubts preemptively, preventing confusion or disputes during a real attack.  
  • Enhanced understanding of roles and responsibilities: Enables individuals to better understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of an attack, fostering a culture of shared responsibility.  
  • Cost-effective evaluation: Provides a cost-effective means of evaluating the organisation’s current cyber resilience strategy, identifying problems, and implementing improvements without disrupting regular business operations.  
  • A holistic view of incident response: Emphasises that controlling the attack is just one aspect. Communication and stakeholder management are equally critical in the early moments of a cyber incident and are often overlooked.  

Cyber Resilience Partner: Tailoring Exercises to Your Needs 

Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with your organisation to tailor Cyber Tabletop Exercises to your specific requirements. Whether it’s supply chain resilience or incident response, we can create scenarios that challenge and enhance your cyber resilience strategy.