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Case Study: McInroy and Wood

McInroy and Wood offers a discretionary investment management service to individuals, families, trusts and charities. The firm has a worldwide investment ambit by virtue of the directors’ considerable experience of operating in an international context. Their clients reside across the UK, as well as a variety of overseas locations.

Services provided:

We wanted to work with people who really understood the mindset and techniques that criminal hackers would apply.  Having the latest insights in a rapidly changing area was also important.”

Presentations were given to employees and these were engaging and well received by everyone.  Real examples and hearing about what a cyber criminal does was powerful and thought provoking.

Wendy Ferguson

Director of Operations & IT


How we helped

The professional services team at the Cyber and Fraud Centre worked closely with McInroy and Wood, undertaking internal and external vulnerability assessments, awareness training for staff and presentations to the Board.

Our findings were presented in written reports and followed up with face to face discussions, this helped the organisation understand and agree appropriate actions that would address the points made

Q.How useful did you find the recommendations we made?

The recommendations were practical and often quick and easy to implement. They ensure we are keeping up with the latest good practices.

How useful did you find the overall experience? 

We have found the Cyber and Fraud Centre team pleasant and easy to work with and the overall experience to date has been informative, worthwhile and reassuring, although we will never be complacent in this area.

How you would describe the relationship between McInroy & Wood and the Cyber and Fraud Centre since the initial tests? 

Our relationship with the Cyber and Fraud Centre has continued to develop since the initial tests. We contact them for advice on occasion and to assist with new projects where required.

We have had follow up tests to check we have properly closed out previously identified risks and to ensure we are not exposed to any new or emerging threats.  The team are approachable and provide a personalised and responsive service in a clear manner. They are a key part of our cyber defences.