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Just How Dangerous is Your Online Footprint?

Your online and social media footprint is the trail of information you leave behind by engaging with various activities on the internet. This information is used in many ways, such as enhancing advertising that is sent to you, or improving your online shopping experience. However, some information you leave online is accessible to others, especially with social media. Many organisations are now realising the severity of issues that can arise by this public information ending up in the wrong hands.  

The first stage to a cyber attack is information gathering. During this stage hackers will try to gather as much valuable information they can to enhance their chance of successfully scamming your organisation. The information they might need may is never as complicated as one might think. Simple stuff like knowing who works in an organisation and what their email address may be all a hacker needs to start.  

To protect yourself against this you need to be aware of what information is available publicly about you, and what a hacker can do with this information. If it is not possible to have this information set as private, then it is important to know what sort of an attack you may be opening yourself up to. 

Our ethical hackers will use advanced techniques to gather information that is currently available on the internet about you or your organisation. Social media, news articles, blogs, the open register, companies house. These are all publicly available and can be used against you. Our ethical hackers will gather all this information and produce a report detailing everything they have found. Once you know what is out there, you can start to manage the risks involved. 

Discover more about the benefits of an Online and Social Media Footprint Assessment. 

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