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Ethical Hacking Students

We work with students enrolled on the Ethical Hacking course at Abertay University, training them in ethical hacking while also giving them corporate experience presenting workshops and events to businesses across the UK.  We have a team of over 25 ethical hackers based at Abertay’s cyberQuarter.

The team of students utilises ethical hacking to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, in a bid to prevent exploitation by malicious hackers. Identifying weaknesses in an enterprise infrastructure is an essential component of combating cybercrime.


Identifying Vulnerabilities

With technology advancing and more criminal activities taking place online, we need a growing multiplicity of cyber associated roles to include ethical hackers who are trained to identify and reduce the potential attack surface and reduce cybercrime.

Our talented team of ethical hacking students play an important role in working with businesses to identify vulnerabilities, as well as raising awareness about cyber security and educating organisations in how to secure sensitive data.

Cyber services

Industry Experience

Almost all sectors, including sport, oil and gas, finance and banking, energy, and academia are among those working with and learning from the ethical hacking approach in preventing cybercrime.

The ethical hacking programme, run through the alliance between ourselves and Abertay University, has been successfully running for nearly six years and continues to appeal to students interested in the different ways we use tech to combat crime.


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