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At the Cyber and Fraud Centre, our commitment to enhancing the cyber resilience of Scottish organisations is paramount. Our new membership benefits are curated to ensure our community is provided with significant value and support in their cyber security journey.

Here are 10 compelling reasons why the membership option may be beneficial for your organisation:

  • We offer a free bespoke cyber training presentation: Our cyber training presentations are tailored to organisations based on what they would find most beneficial. Whether it be password management training, incident response help or 2FA practice, all training presentations will empower your team with the knowledge to counter cyber threats effectively.
  • We will reward your commitment: Showcase your dedication to clients and stakeholders with a certification of cyber awareness upon completion of our training presentation.
  • Frequent webinars: Our webinars are now bi-monthly, covering crucial topics like malware, phishing, and password management, presented by industry experts and special guests.
  • Our membership meet-ups are great for networking: Stay updated on the latest cyber trends and foster valuable connections by networking with peers and industry professionals at one of our quarterly meet ups. The first will take place on Thursday 30th May in Edinburgh where we will recap all the key takeaways from the flagship Cyber UK conference.
  • We will spotlight your achievements: Showcase your organisation’s cyber achievements through our newsletter and social media channels, amplifying your success within the community.
  • We will honour your loyalty: You will receive discounts on our other services as a thank you for your loyalty to ensuring your organisation’s cyber resilience.
  • You will receive access to exclusive guides: Our comprehensive staff training guide is only available for members, it is designed to bolster your team’s cyber knowledge and enhance overall cyber posture.
  • We have transparent pricing: Our membership pricing is tailored to organisations of all sizes, ensuring affordability and accessibility.
  • We endorse great community collaboration: By becoming a member, you will join a close and collaborative community of like-minded Scottish organisations dedicated to improving cyber resilience.
  • Our pre-existing benefits remain: Along with a host of exciting new benefits, existing perks like access to our incident response service and threat intel app and portal will remain, ensuring you receive great value for money.

For more information on the above services, please email [email protected].