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Street Soccer Scotland is marking 15 years of transforming lives through their impactful programs. To commemorate, they’ve launched the “15 cheers for 15 years” campaign, rallying supporters to join in the celebration and contribute to their ongoing mission of social inclusion and personal development.

At the heart of this campaign is the Cyber and Fraud Centre team’s initiative to walk 15 miles on the 31st of May. This endeavour not only aims to raise vital funds to aid Street Soccer’s life-changing programs, but also underscores the spirit of solidarity and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

The impact of Street Soccer’s initiatives extends far beyond the football pitch. With the support of dedicated staff, volunteers, and partner organisations, participants undergo a transformative journey, gaining confidence, self-esteem, and valuable life skills along the way. Through mentorship, guidance, and the help of community, individuals are empowered to break free from the cycle of adversity and forge a brighter path.

A testament to Street Soccer’s transformative power is their inspiring women’s team, whose journey includes a remarkable opportunity to participate in the Irish Street League’s 20th birthday tournament in Dublin this June. This milestone not only showcases the resilience and dedication of the players but also the highlights the impact of Street Soccer’s programs in empowering individuals to dream big.

As we celebrate 15 years of Street Soccer’s remarkable work, let us join hands in raising our voices and raising awareness. Together, we can champion the cause of social inclusion and pave the way for a future where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can thrive.