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At the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the cyber resilience of our community.  Through various conversations with our members and in line with this commitment, we are delighted to announce some significant enhancements to our membership benefits. These changes are designed to provide you with even more value and support on your organisation’s cyber security journey.

New Membership Benefits

Cyber Training:

  • Each member organisation is entitled to a bespoke cyber training presentation delivered by the Cyber and Fraud Centre team.
  • We recommend having as many employees as possible at the cyber training.
  • Once members have completed this training, they will receive a certificate acknowledging their achievement. This certificate validates a commitment to cyber awareness to your clients and stakeholders.
  • Our sessions will equip your team with comprehensive knowledge about various cyber-enabled fraud techniques and offer guidance on countering them.
  • We have had feedback from other community members that our cyber training and membership has assured insurance providers that you’re taking the right steps to improve your organisation’s cyber posture.

Exclusive Webinars:

  • Enjoy insightful, exclusive webinars hosted by the Cyber and Fraud Centre team and industry experts every two months.
  • Topics will range from password management and phishing prevention to incident response planning and cyber insurance, but also include any reactive topics that there may be demand for more information on.
  • These webinars will be open for the entire member organisation to join, and not just the point of contact.

Membership Meet-Ups:

  • Connect in-person with fellow members and industry professionals at our exclusive meetups featuring guest speakers and an opportunity to showcase your organisation.
  • These events will be held across the country every quarter and offer valuable networking opportunities as well as insights into the latest cyber trends.
  • We are always keen to collaborate when we can, so if any member would like to host one of these events, in either their office or location in their base city, please let us know.

Membership Spotlight:

  • We want to showcase our member’s cyber awareness achievements and will now feature a section in our newsletter promoting your updates and news.
  • Please share your success stories to receive a well-deserved shoutout in our monthly communications and social media channels.

Membership Milestones:

  • We’re giving back to our community with a new loyalty scheme, rewarding long-term members with additional perks. Get an extra cyber and fraud awareness training presentation every consecutive year you remain a member, celebrating your commitment to cyber security and fraud prevention.

Exclusive Staff Training Guide:

  • Gain access to our comprehensive staff training guide, exclusive to members. This valuable resource will bolster your team’s cyber knowledge.
  • The resource was designed with new hire training in mind but is applicable across the board with staff cyber security training.

As well as the above new benefits, the following existing membership benefits will remain in place:

  • Discount on event tickets and sponsorship for our events throughout the year
  • 5% discount on Professional Services
  • Your logo on our website and welcome message on social media
  • Member Logo to add to your website and email signature
  • Members-only communication 
  • Access to the Incident Response Service – Our incident response team is there to assist you in the event your organisation is a victim of a cyber or financial fraud attack
  • Access to the our Threat Intel App and Portal – Get the latest threat updates delivered straight to your fingertips
  • Access to cyber advice and knowledge through our expert team

Updated Membership Pricing

  • Small Organisations 0 – 99 employees – £500.00+ VAT
  • Medium Organisations 100 – 499 employees – £1000.00+ VAT
  • Large Organisations 500+ employees – £2000.00+ VAT

For more information on the above services, please email [email protected] or apply here.