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Facebook Reporting

Facebook is a website and mobile app for connecting with friends and family, finding events and new groups to join, and even keeping up to date with the news.

As with any social media platform, there are bad actors who may try to spread hatred and disinformation. There are ways to prevent this, primarily through reporting and blocking offending accounts

Twitter Reporting

Twitter is a website and mobile app for sharing news and media. Tweets from users you follow are presented in chronological order, making it useful for following and discussing the content.

Download our guide on how to report and block offending accounts.

LinkedIn Reporting

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows for professionals all over the world to connect and share their skills. It can help people find jobs, events, and is used by employees and employers alike.

Download our guide on how to report and block offending accounts.

Instagram Reporting

Instagram is a platform for sharing and uploading images with friends and followers. With features like a personal inbox where users can send private messages, and the ability to upload any photo you want within the guidelines.

Sometimes users will unfortunately upload offensive images or send harmful and malicious messages. This guide will go over the various ways that users can report and block people and the content that they may upload or send.

Snapchat Reporting

Snapchat is a mobile application for sharing pictures, videos, and messages with friends. Things shared via Snapchat are temporary, and recipients can only view content with a certain timeframe.

Snap Maps is also a prominent feature on the app, allowing you see your friends locations and show your own. This feature is off by default, but has still raised privacy and security concerns for many.

YouTube Reporting

YouTube (owned by Google) is a video sharing platform, allowing users to watch, upload, and share videos with family, friends, and the wider community. This service can be used on many devices, such as PCs and mobile phones

Download our guide on how to report and block offending accounts.