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Ensuring Your Web Application’s Security

Every Vulnerability Assessment carried out by the Cyber and Fraud Centre is conducted by ethical hackers who are either in the process of completing or have completed a degree fully accredited by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Cybercriminals frequently target web applications due to the potential rewards of obtaining sensitive private data, which can be sold on the dark web. Web applications often have complex source code, which can increase the likelihood of vulnerabilities and malicious code manipulation.

To prevent a hack from occurring, it is essential to test the resilience of your web application before any attack. Our ethical hacking team utilises web application hacking tools to identify vulnerabilities in your web application. We then provide a report highlighting these vulnerabilities and recommendations on mitigating risk and increasing resilience.


Each test conducted will result in a comprehensive report with the following key sections:

  • Executive Summary: This section provides a broad outline of the conducted test, along with a non-technical summary of the outcomes and the potential risks they pose to your organisation.
  • Methodology: Details the specific tests carried out, employing technical terminology suited for the IT experts within the organisation.
  • Findings and Results: Offers a comprehensive list of the test outcomes, categorising the severity of discovered vulnerabilities, documenting steps to replicate the findings, and suggesting measures for mitigation or resolution of these vulnerabilities.
Web App Vulnerability Assessment

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